3 Gambling and Online Casino Myths Busted

Gambling is one of the oldest pastimes in the entire world. Nowadays we have sophisticated online gambling websites, and smart technology, that allows us to gamble anywhere, at any time. Back then however, gambling was a lot more primitive.

Primitive it may have been, but at its core, gambling has always stayed true to itself, which is very rare in this day and age. Considering we have been gambling for so long, there are still a series of myths and misconceptions associated with gambling that ideally will be cleared up and debunked for good. For that reason, we are now going to look at a few gambling and online casinos myths and will be doing our best to debunk them for you.

All casino games are rigged

If you ask some people why they refuse to gamble, they will tell you that it is because all casino games are rigged, so it is impossible to win. This is not true. Now, we’ve no doubt that there are some shady, less-than-reputable back alley casinos out there that are indeed rigged, but legit commercial casinos are not. The reason they aren’t is because rigging them would be illegal, and breaking the law would cost them big time, and could result in jail time.

Checking past results will help you win

When you use online casinos, or real-life casinos for that matter, you’ll see that the majority of games available are based purely on chance, rather than skill. Roulette for instance, is almost entirely based on luck. Despite this, people are adamant that checking past results of luck-based games will somehow give them a competitive edge over their competitors and the house, making it more likely for them to win. Unfortunately, as results are completely random, checking past results offers no real advantage at all. If however, it gives you a psychological boost and helps you to feel more confident, well then, you feel free to compare away.

Play long enough and you will win

This next myth is quite worrying, because a lot of people believe it. Whether in a real casino or utilizing online casinos, you need to know when to draw the line and say enough is enough. Some people work under the assumption that they are guaranteed a win if they play long enough. Statistically they may indeed win something if they play long enough, but the more likely scenario is that they will lose far more than they will win. When gambling, set yourself a limit, have fun, and know when to walk away and cut your losses, as sometimes it just isn’t your day.