Fun facts About Gambling You May Not Have Known

With online casinos now more prevalent than ever before, finding a fun and enjoyable way to gamble is now easier than ever. As well as online casinos, you no doubt will also be aware that real-life casinos are also hugely popular.

With gambling destinations such as Las Vegas and Monte Carlo serving as popular tourist destinations, it’s safe to say that gambling will not be going away anytime soon. If you consider yourself a bit of a gambling enthusiast however, you will be pretty clued up with regard to the everyday goings on of the gambling world. But just how clued up are you? Check out these fun gambling facts and see how many you were aware of, and don’t forget to be honest.

Casinos do NOT pump oxygen into gaming floors

One of the most common myths associated with casinos, especially in Vegas, is that they pump their gaming floors full of oxygen. Why? Well, the theory is that the fresh oxygen keeps gamblers feeling more aware and energized, so they spend longer in the casinos and spend more money. In theory it makes sense, and some would even consider it a smart business move. The only problem is that it’s complete nonsense. You see, to do so would be illegal, and nobody is above the law, not even the casinos of Sin City. Furthermore, doing so would also be a ginormous fire hazard, because oxygen is a combustible element. On top of that, to pump oxygen into a gaming floor 24/7 would not be cheap. However, some casinos do pump scents into their gaming floors, which freshen the air and are alleged to invigorate the senses. Basically these are glorified air fresheners however, and not expensive oxygen pumping systems.

Fruit machines didn’t always dispense money

When you use online casinos, or if you walk into a real-life casino, you will instantly notice the many fruit machines scattered around the gaming floors. But why are they called fruit machines? Well, once upon a time, instead of dispensing money, they instead dispensed fruit-flavoured chewing gum. They would also dispense tokens which people could exchange for cigars and beverages. In 1888 they switched to real coins.

Don’t gamble with a king

If you’re ever given the opportunity to gamble with royalty, the best advice here would be to decline that offer. Why? Well, let’s go back to 100AD. Back then, the King of Norway was gambling against the King of Sweden. This was nothing fancy, just a game of dice to determine who could roll the highest number. They were gambling for the District of Hisingen, which did belong to Norway. After the Swedish King rolled two sixes however, the district was then handed over to Sweden, where it is still in Swedish territory to this very day.